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Piano moving is no small task. The sheer weight and size of pianos and organs make them difficult to handle for most people. In the hands of someone not trained in relocation, an attempt to move a piano or organ can cause damage to the instrument and your home or building. For us, your piano is more than furniture – it is a treasure to be cared for, especially during relocation. Fill out our online form today and get a free moving quote for your upcoming move!

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If you care about the wellbeing of your piano, you will want its relocation to be smooth and damage-free. Fast Fietz Moving is a company that can offer you just that. We have the skilled manpower with years of experience and the professional moving equipment necessary to secure any type of piano during the moving process. With a rich portfolio of piano moves in our rearview mirror, we understand the inner workings of pianos – which parts are strongest and which require more attention and care.

That knowledge alone makes our piano moving services all the more necessary if you want to guarantee a safe relocation of your family heirloom. We understand how difficult it can be to hand over such valuable to strangers. That is why each move we coordinate and conduct is carefully thought out and planned. With our team by your side, packing, loading, and transporting your piano to its new destination will be efficient, cost-effective and worry-free.

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